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Uttarakhand Opens 30 New Peaks and 10 New High Altitude Trekking Trails for the Travelers !!

Good News for all the adventure enthusiasts. to market sport and adventure tourism in Uttarakhand, The Uttarakhand government has opened 30 New Peaks and 10 New High Altitude trekking trails.

The official proposal by the Central Government was to open 51 new peaks and treks within the state of Uttarakhand. However, the 11 peaks and treks were overlooked after the detailed analysis of the security of the country and ecosystem-related reasons. This comes as an element of the Indian Government's initiative in August 2019, to open 137 New Himalayan Peaks within the state of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Jammu and Kashmir.

However, there are some key points about the 30 New Peaks and 10 New Trekking Trails that you simply should know.

According to many media reports, travelers need to deposit a total amount of INR 10,000 per team. the cash will be returned based on the assessment of the cleanliness of the area. The local eco-development committees will design the maps and travel guides for these new trekking routes. With the new routes for trekking and mountaineering, it'll offer fresh modes of livelihood to local people and spread a positive message across different borders. Only 12 teams with 10 members each can climb the height only twice the calendar year. All the principles and regulations laid out by the Forest Department and Uttarakhand Mountaineering Association need to be strictly followed.

30 New Peaks and 10 New Trekking Trails opened by Uttarakhand Government

Uttarakhand is home to a number of the highest mountaineering peaks including Nanda Devi (7817m), Kamet (7756m), Trisul I (7120m), and Trisul ll (6690m). To further promote adventure tourism within the state, the Uttarakhand government has introduced 30 New Peaks and 10 New high-altitude trekking routes. The list of 30 New peaks includes some unexplored peaks like Kali Dhang (6,373 m), Rishi Kot (6,236 m), Manda III (6,510 m), Bhirgu Parbat (6,041 m), Manda II (6,529 m), Devtoli (6,788 m), Rishi Pahar (6,992 m), Avalanche (6,443 m), and Garur Parbat (6,504 m). On the other hand, the ten New Trekking trails disclosed are Narayan Parbat, Nar Parbat, Lamchir South, Lamchir, Bhagnyu, Pawagarh, Mahalay Parbat, Yan Buk, Ratnagiri, and Nanda Lapak.

Are you Planning to Climb these unexplored Peaks?

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