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Planning a trip to the Himalayas during Monsoon? Here are some Tips!

Lush green valleys, refreshing chilly mornings, and glooming yet serene skies- A dream of every traveler in the hills. This is the kind of weather you can expect during Monsoon season in the Himalayas. Even though Himalayas offer a sense of tranquility all year long; during monsoon, the surroundings definitely become a sight to behold taking away all your worries and tension of the city life.

Planning a trip can be a hassle in itself, more so if it is during the monsoon season given unexpected showers from the sky. Therefore, a wanderer must keep in mind the necessary things while planning a trip to the mountains during the rainy season.

Before you make any impromptu plans for your next trip to the mountains, read through our list below to have a safe and cautious trip.


1. First and Foremost: Check the weather forecast before you leave!

Its always best to keep a check on the weather at least 3-4 days prior to your trip to ensure there aren’t any incidents or expectation of a landslide or a big thunderstorm at your planned destination. While mountains in the backdrop of cloudy skies sound thrilling, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in unwanted situations.

2. Waterproof Shoes and Raincoat

While travelling during monsoons, you are more than likely to come across unexpected puddles and uncontrollable water streams. Therefore, it is only wise to roam around in a pair of waterproof shoes to keep your feet dry and a raincoat to have comfortable travelling experience.

3. Carry more Synthetic Clothes

Known to be breathable and easy to pack, Synthetic Clothes should be your go-to option while preparing a checklist for your shopping spree. Synthetic fiber tends to dry in lesser time and even if you get wet due to unexpected rainfall, it will keep you safe and lesser on the verge of getting hit by cold.

4. Waterproof Backpacks to the Rescue!

If you are planning a trek in the mountains, you’ll definitely require to carry a backpack along. Ensure to get a waterproof bag to keep all your belongings safe and prevent damage.

5. Medicines and Repellents

Along with a quirky weather, monsoons also tend to attract a lot of bugs during the season. To keep yourself safe from any bug bites, always carry a repellent along no matter if it’s simply a road trip or a proper trek you’ve planned. Unexpected weather change might also lead to seasonal allergies, therefore, make sure you keep a bag of necessary medicines handy.


Struggling to plan an efficient yet memorable trip? Let us do the work for you while you plan all the exciting stuff about your trip. Contact us today and our team of experts will customize the perfect monsoon itinerary for you.

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