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Katarmal Sun Temple: Second Most Essential Sun Temple in India

Established amidst the beauty of astonishing landscapes and deodar forests of the Kumaon Hills is the carefully carved Surya Mandir in Almora, also known as Badaditya Temple. One of its kind, this centuries old temple is known for its intricate carvings on the pillars, walls, doors and panels of the Temple.

It has been observed that when the first rays of the rising sun fall on the Surya Temple, it enlightens an ancient idol of Vraddhaditya (an ancient idol of the Sun God).

The statue of Vraddhaditya i.e., the primary shrine of this godly temple is surrounded by 45 smaller shrines alongside statues of other deities. While on a visit to the Temple, one can spot beautifully crafted paintings and sculptures made of stone and metal thereby, boasting of the supreme artistic abilities of the artisans of those times. To catch a 180-degree view of the entire valley, tourists are suggested to catch the breath-taking view from the temple complex.

Location- How to reach the Temple

Located in the pristine village of Katarmal which is snuggled amidst the spectacular view of the Himalayas, the temple resides in the beauty of lush green forests.

About 20 km away from Almora and 3km away from the Kosi Village, one can take a 3km climb from Almora-Ranikhet Road leading to the ancient temple complex. The temple is situated 2116 meter above sea level offering a serene view of the valley as well as the Kosi River.

Interesting Facts about Katarmal Sun Temple

  • The Temple is named after the Katyuri king Katarmalla who built this temple.

  • It is now under the protection of ‘Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958.

  • It is considered as the second most essential sun temple in India and is believed to be the only sun temple located in the hills.

  • The temple and the village of Katarmal are popular amongst trek enthusiasts as it is 19km from Almora and 30km from Ranikhet.

  • Because of the robbery of an idol in the temple complex, the ancient and rare relics from the temple have been moved to the National Museum in New Delhi for their preservation.

Planning to visit the Temple?

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