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Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh​


A perfect three bedroom Villa located in Kasauli, Dastaan is a story you simply can't forget. The house is surrounded by pine trees on all sides.


Dastaan is a 3 bedroom cozy standalone holiday home located in Kasauli, in a secluded area with Cedar forests, misty valleys, lush greenery all around. There is plenty of open land in front of the property offering picturesque views of Valley and surrounding dense forests. 


The property is laced with all modern amenities like heaters, geysers, internet wifi, refrigerator and much more. There is a porch area also that opens to the sky for stargazing and witness the beautiful sunset on the horizon beyond the hills. 


There are lots of open spaces for you to enjoy outdoor activities like barbecue, bonfire, cricket and badminton.


There is a permanent staff of 2 at the property including a Chef and cleaning staff. They stay in separate servant quarters. The property is located in Kasauli. It is around 45 kms from Chandigarh and it's the perfect location for pleasant weather and picturesque views. There are lots of short trekking and hiking trails around to explore.


Star Gazing

Some of best night skies you would have ever seen !


With Himalayan Peaks all around, you will plenty have trekking options!


Spending a night in the tent under the Milky Way is truly enchanting!


Inclusive Breakfast


Free Wifi


3 Bedrooms / 12 Guests


Permanent Caretaker/ Cook

Free Parking on premises

Pets allowed


Credit Card


₹17000 per night 


Tel: 91-8708625316

  /       Dharampur kanda, Road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173209      /

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