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Bhimtal, Uttarakhand


An unique 3 bedroom home located in Bhimtal, Shalom offers you clear views of the lake, open porch and vegetable gardens, sunlit bedrooms, glass reading rooms, picturesque living and dining area and much more.  

“Shalom is a kiss of a luxury by the hills!" Shalom is an idyllic gateway inside a grand two-storey, 3-BHK Property built by the historical lake-city of Bhimtal on its hill-top. Shalom, the Holiday Homestay in Bhimtal is a lake-view property. Elegant with red scarlet clock vines falling from the entrance gate, this nature lover's possession makes it nothingless than hospitable to guests.  A 180 degree deg-view of the pearl shaped lake throughout the day is a delight to the eyes! Cozy, warm courtyard of Shalom overlooks the portion of the Bhimtal Lake. The views of the interlacing blue and green mountain-hills make it a vibrant color changing horizon with the Sun playing peek-a-boo from the clouds!  All the three bedrooms have an attached bathroom with closets, geysers for hot water, heaters to keep you warm and a high speed WiFi to keep you connected to the internet in all the rooms along with an inverter for uninterrupted power supply. Shalom's bedroom at the ground floor shares an open wall with the living area, the one on top floor opens to the view of a magnificent Valley. The master bedroom on the top-floor opens to the terrace is a luxury on the hills with an attached bath fully stocked with essentials!  What's more? There is an open terrace on the first floor with a quiet cyber cabin like reading room closed with glass windows & see-through door with shelved books and reading light, making it undisturbed and peaceful. There is a bar area with adequate seating in the living room. There is ample outdoor space with hall-sized porches, gardens with large benches,  courtyard with cushioned swings and a quiet Nature walk on the sides of the boundary. Be warm, bright, and shining by the natural light of the Bonfire in the garden with barbecue curated for you! Begin your hillock-party-night with a delectable drink or savoury by the bar and finish with an ice-cream before a goodnight sleep by the terrace-porch, as you wish!  The Kitchen is equipped with all essential electric gadgets including a 'Hot Coffee' maker & a 'Gingerly toast' maker and other essentials. A Staff of two inside the property is ‘at your service’ that comprises an excellent Chef. An Oven is additionally provided for baking delights! Filled with memorabilia and once owned by a revered Navy admiral of India with his beloved wife, Shalom is a tribute to his life that proudly showcases the anchor and rope tucked on walls on the outside.  Also what is a garden in a hilly-mountain without edible growing veggies? At the rear side of the property, Shalom nurtures its own organic garden growing numerous veggies.  Layout  1-Bedroom on ground floor and 2-Bedrooms on First floor with lavish baths built-in.3 additional beds can be placed inside the property. All baths arranged, ready to use Lifesize Glass slider doors like Windows in the master bedroom on the top of property. This window opens to the terrace-porsche for a view of Bhimtal lake. Look out for the softening Sun, a good selfie here! The bedroom is absorbing with cozy and comfy stay. All rooms are secluded leading you through the spiraling cozy red-carpeted Stairs A Terrace which opens to the direct views of Bhimtal lake and offers a  360-degree view of the entire valley. A Classic Silent Library like See Through glass Reading Room is a cherry on the Cake top here! A Stone-laid courtyard gives a rustic finish with grass sprouting from the middle of it making it more forest-like. The flowering plants blooming with flora and fauna make a welcoming right from the arch on the Gate leading you all the way to the Sit-out and even the inside upto the Bar! Porch in the front courtyard is an outdoor sitting area with Chairs, Sofas, Swaying Swing to meet outsiders, guests, family and friends for a quick cuppa in the open. Sun seeps in the between the pillars to meet you on the large porch in the morning! Huge Living space on the ground floor connects through well-designed arches to the dining space, a separate bar area with an additional reading space on its sides.  The bedroom on the ground floor is connected to the bar area through an open wall. Fully equipped kitchen on the ground floor with all essential cookwares, gas stove etc.  A Garden is available in the back of the property with benches for you to relax. It is adorned by bees and butterflies in full bloom throughout the year. Organic vegetables garden with a lemon fruit tree for a good ginger lemon or pluck the sweetness in the radish, carrot, and chilies to make a vineyard salad ​ Amenities/Facilities Heaters in all rooms and Geysers in all bathrooms High speed fiber broadband internet  Towels and toiletries in all rooms and in all restrooms Washing machine & drying rack also available  A Bonfire and a barbecue can be arranged. What’s more? There are books for you to read in the glass reading room, and there is a soft cushioned Swing for you to relax on the porch with tea and admire the Bhimtal Lake!  Kitchen: Kitchen is accessible for the guests Kitchen is fully equipped with electronic appliances and essential cutleries & cookwares Microwave, refrigerator, toaster, gas stove available at the Kitchen space What’s more? An oven is available for you to bake desserts, cakes or pies.  Services and Staff Permanent Staff of two available, including an professional Chef Chef is an expert in preparing Kumaoni cuisines; Handi Mutton, Handi Paneer, and most known Cuisines from North and South of India. Poha, Rajma, Kumaoni Raita are something not to be missed from his menu. A bowl of humbling rice and lentils from the hills make a lip-smacking delicacy here.  The Chef stays at the property in the separate servant room and is available from 8 am to 11 pm Location Shalom is located in Goludhar residential area, which is a gated community on Bhimtal Bhowali road about 6 kms from Bhimtal City Property is accessible all throughout the year and is close to all major attractions like Nainital, Bhimtal, Sattal, Mukteshwar and Ranikhet Nearby attractions For Street hoppers and streetfood-hoggers: Bhimtal town and Lakeside is the place to be for street food a pleasant walk by the lake Multiple Cafes and famous eateries like i heart cafe, Belpatra to gorge on snacks, sip a beverage or a hot something! Enjoy authentic Kumaoni delicacies like Handi Paneer, Handi Mutton at the property with the Chef making the best one in the town. Into the nature and utmost adventure near by the Shalom Cottage for the trekk-shoe lovers: Sattal lake: Enjoy an evening session of Kayaking in the lake and short trek through the forest Gaula River: Trek to the river situated at the bottom of valley Plan a trip to the rustic farms of Chanfi Enjoy Paragliding in the Bhimtal Valley On the wheels Mukteshwar- Situated just 35 kms away, it can be reached within a couple of hours. Enjoy snow in winters and a direct view of famous mountain line of Nanda Devi, Trishul and other 7000m peaks Ranikhet- Situated just 50 kms away, it can be reached within a couple of hours. Enjoy the famous meadows amongst pine forest and a himalayan view of Nanda Devi, Trishul and other sacred peaks Kainchi Dham- Located just 20 kms away from the property, its a great place to visit and find peace. Notable people like Steve Jobs, Julia Roberts, and Mark Zuckerberg have been some of the people who visited . Katarmal Sun temple- Visit the famous sun temple built in 8th century Bird watching: Plan a trek to Sattal forest area for bird watching Some other places to visit nearby are: Garg Parvat, Nal-Damayanti Tal, Bhimtal Lake reservoir and aquarium,  butterfly research center, karkota hills, Victoria dam and folk culture museum Important things to be noted: History of Shalom Cottage: A past Navy admiral of India, Sushil Kumar Isaac used to reside at the property with his wife. Hence you will see a lot of Indian Navy and sea related memorabilia at Shalom. We have tried to keep everything as it is to preserve and cherish his memory. We also expect our Guests to be respectful of their surroundings when they are at the Property. The ground floor room shares an open wall with the bar and living area.


Inclusive Breakfast


Free Wifi


3 Bedrooms / 10 Guests


Pets allowed


Permanent Caretaker/ Cook



Plan a short trip to nearby attractions like Ranikhet and Mukteshwar

Cafes and Bakeries

Nothing better than looking at bright night sky, right !

Local attractions

How about a kayaking trip to Sattal ?


“Eirene homestay is probably one of the best homestays I've stayed in. The property is well isolated and free from any sort of noise as such you'll totally be at peace here. ”

-Utkersh Bora

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         Shalom, Goludhar Mehragaon, Bhowali, Uttarakhand 263132          

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